Spring Festival in Tokyo

"Elektra"(Concert Style/With Subtitles)

《厄勒克特拉》 (演奏会形式/日语字幕)




April 18 [Thu.], 2024 at 19:00(Door Open at 18:00)
April 21 [Sun.], 2024 at 15:00(Door Open at 14:00)
Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Main Hall



Conductor:Sebastian Weigle
Elektra(Soprano):Elena Pankratova
Klytämnestra(Mezzo-Soprano):Mihoko Fujimura
Chrysothemis(Soprano):Allison Oakes
Aegisth(Tenor):Stephan Rügamer
Orest(Bass):René Pape
First maid(Mezzo-Soprano):Ikuko Nakajima
Second maid(Mezzo-Soprano):Eiko Koizumi
Third maid(Mezzo-Soprano):Kasumi Shimizu
Fourth maid/Klytämnestra’s trainbearer(Soprano):Michiko Takeda
Fifth maid/Klytämnestra’s confidante(Soprano):Mihoko Kinoshita
Overseer(Soprano):Rumi Kitahara
Orest’s Guardian/Old Servant(Bass-baritone):Hirotaka Kato
Young Servant(Tenor):Shuhei Itoga
Servants:New National Theatre Chorus
 Yoriko Maekawa, Mari Iwamoto
 Akiko Osakabe, Chieko Noda
 Kazusa Tachikawa, Mai Murayama
Orchestra:Yomiuri Nippon Symphony Orchestra
Chorus:New National Theatre Chorus
Chorus Master:Kyohei Tomihira



R.Strauss:”Elektra” op.58
Approx. 1 hours 45 min.


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Song Commentary

Organizer:Spring Festival in Tokyo Executive Committee
Co-presenter:Yomiuri Nippon Symphony Orchestra
Support:Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Japan, Richard Strauss Gesellschaft Japan
Subsidized:Rohm Music Foundation

Program order may be subject to change.
Preschool-aged children are not admitted to entry.
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