Spring Festival in Tokyo2023


featuring Kronos Quartet and Kronos’ 50 for the Future

“Ellen Reed SOUNDWALK featuring Kronos Quartet and Kronos’ 50 for the Future" will be held at Ueno Park, which is celebrate its 150th anniversary in 2023. Ellen Reid SOUNDWALK is a GPS-enabled work of public art that uses music to illuminate the natural environment. Created by Pulitzer Prize-winning composer and sound artist Ellen Reid, SOUNDWALK is user-guided: the path you choose dictates the music you hear, and no two visits will be exactly the same.
Depending on four seasons, please enjoy "KRONOS' 50 FOR THE FUTURE FOREST" which allows you to enjoy different music from Kronos Quartet "50 for the Future". Please visit Ueno Park as often as you like throughout the year.


Date:Maech 6, 2023 ~ approx. 1 year
Place:Ueno Park

Ellen Reid, Composer and Sound Designer

Music performed by:
 Kronos Quartet
 Shabaka Hutchings
 Nadia Sirota


Ellen Reid

Kronos Quartet

──── 50 for the Future

Kronos Quartet/Kronos Performing Arts Association (KPAA), the San Francisco-based non-profit organization of the Kronos Quartet, has launched 50 for the Future: The Kronos Learning Repertoire, a string quartet commissioning, performance, education, and legacy project of unprecedented scope and potential impact.
Drawing on more than 45 years of collaboration with prominent and emerging composers from around the world, Kronos is commissioning a library of fifty works designed to guide young amateur and early-career professional string quartets in developing and honing the skills required for the performance of 21st-century repertoire. Each of the fifty works will be an artistically complete composition that will be premiered by Kronos with the entire 50 for the Future body of work becoming a core component of its own repertoire over six performance seasons (2015/2016 through 2020/2021). Digital versions of the scores and parts, recordings, and other pedagogical materials for each work can be accessed here on our website free of charge.

Program list ishere.


All Works Performed by Kronos Quartet

SPRING (March 6 - June 20, 2023)

PRING (March 5 - June 20, 2023)

1 — Reqs (Dance)
Written by Franghiz Ali-Zadeh (2015)
2 — From the Book
Written by Yotam Haber (2016)
3 — Hílathi
Written by Aleksander Kościów (2016)
4 — Boids
Written by Misato Mochizuki (2018)
5 — Mishra Pilu
Written by Aruna Narayan (2020)
6 — The Riddle
Written by Karin Rehnqvist (2017)
7 — Only Ever Us
Written by Paul Wiancko (2020)
8 — Amrit
Written by Kala Ramnath (2016)
9 — Vertebrae
Written by Sky Macklay (2019)
10 — Glimmers
Written by Rafiq Bhatia (2020)
11 — Little Black Book
Written by Jlin (2018)
12 — Yessori (Sound from the Past)
Written by Soo Yeon Lyuh (2016)
13 — Shutter Island
Written by Laurie Anderson (2017)
14 — This Assortment of Atoms — One Time Only!
Written by Terry Riley (2020)
SUMMER (from June 21 - September 21, 2023)

SUMMER (from June 21 - September 21, 2023)

1 — sweeter than wine
Written by Ken Benshoof (2015)
2 — Tolo Midi
Written by Mario Galeano Toro (2018)
3 — Remote Control
Written by Guillermo Galindo (2016)
4 — At the Purchaser's Option with variations
Written by Rhiannon Giddens (2016)
5 — what is the word
Written by Barry Guy (2019)
6 — Temples in Taiwan
Written by Lu Yun (2018)
7 — Enthusiasm Strategies
Written by Missy Mazzoli (2019)
8 — Pencil Sketch
Written by Yevgeniy Sharlat (2019)
9 — Testimony
Written by Charlton Singleton (2019)
10 — Séraphîta
Written by Trey Spruance (2016)
11 — Play
Written by Merlijn Twaalfhoven (2016)
12 — My Desert, My Rose
Written by Aleksandra Vrebalov (2015)
13 — Shutter Island
Written by Laurie Anderson (2017)
14 — This Assortment of Atoms — One Time Only!
Written by Terry Riley (2020)
AUTUMN (from September 22 - December 20, 2023)

AUTUMN (from September 22 - December 20, 2023)

1 — Le Bois
Written by Bryce Dessner (2019)
2 — Behind Rainbows
Written by Alexandra du Bois (2019)
3 — Quartet Satz
Written by Philip Glass (2017)
4 — Maduswara
Written by Peni Candra Rini (2020)
5 — Daughters of Sol
Written by Aftab Darvishi (2017)
6 — Sunjata's Time
Written by Fodé Lassana Diabaté (2015)
7 — Pulsation
Written by Susie Ibarra (2018)
8 — Satellites
Written by Garth Alexander Knox (2015)
9 — Another Living Soul
Written by Nicole Lizée (2016)
10 — Marejada
Written by Angélica Negrón (2020)
11 — Circular Lines
Written by Stephan Thelen (2016)
12 — Gammified
Written by Tod Machover (2019)
13 — Shutter Island
Written by Laurie Anderson (2017)
14 — This Assortment of Atoms — One Time Only!
Written by Terry Riley (2020)
WINTER (from December 21, 2023 - March 5, 2024)

WINTER (from December 21, 2023 - March 5, 2024)

1 — Flashlight
Written by Mark Applebaum (2019)
2 — The Journey of the Horizontal People
Written by Raven Chacon (2016)
3 — Andante Amoroso
Written by Vladimir Martynov (2018)
4 — Sivunittinni
Written by Tanya Tagaq (2015)
5 — Glimpses of Muqam Chebiyat
Written by Wu Man (2015)
6 — Knock
Written by Joan Jeanrenaud (2016)
7 — YanYanKliYan Senamido
Written by Angélique Kidjo (2020)
8 — Tegere Tulon
Written by Hawa Kassé Mady Diabaté (2018)
9 — Sixfivetwo
Written by Henry Threadgill (2018)
10 — Pallavi
Written by Zakir Hussain (2017)
11 — branching patterns
Written by inti figgis-vizueta (2021)
12 — just strings and a light wind above them
Written by Onutė Narbutaitė (2018)
13 — Shutter Island
Written by Laurie Anderson (2017)
14 — This Assortment of Atoms — One Time Only!
Written by Terry Riley (2020)

How to use

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・Reception in parks can be spotty! We strongly urge you to install the app on your phone and download a soundwalk over wifi before you set out.
・Press ‘Start’ where you have strong cell service — the app will follow you even outside of service areas, but it needs a little signal to get going.
・Make sure your phone has plenty of juice so your walk isn’t cut short.
・For more tips and info, visit FAQ page.


1) Install the free app
2) Download a SOUNDWALK
3) Put on your headphones
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What is Ellen Reid SOUNDWALK?
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Spring Festival in Tokyo had challenged crowdfounding campaign to have Ellen Reid SOUNDWALK in Ueno Park, and have made a goal successfully.
Thank you very much for your warm support.

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Kronos Quartet
 Violin:David Harrington, John Sherba, Viola:Hank Dutt, Cello:Sunny Yang
Shakuhachi/Clarinet/Saxophone:Shabaka Hutchings
Violas:Nadia Sirota

Flute:Alex Sopp, Clarinet:Joshua Rubin, Horn:Rachel Drehmann, Trumpet:Riley Mulherkar, Percussion:Sidney Hopson, Drums:Kyle Poole, Harp:Ashley Jackson, Piano:Mathis Picard, Synthesizer:Ellen Reid, Voice:Eliza Bagg, Violin:Mona Tian, Viola:Nadia Sirota, Cello:Gabriel Cabezas, Bass:Russell Hall

Creative Team
Eclipse Projects - Producer
ECHOES.XYZ - App Design and Development
Playtime Studio, Los Angeles - Art
Daniel Neumann - Audio Engineer
Nadia Sirota - Remote Recording Producer

Kronos Performing Arts Association
Katie Baird, Development Associate
Janet Cowperthwaite, Executive Director
Mason Dille, Development Director
Dana Dizon, Business Manager
Sarah Donahue, Operations Director
Deja Jenkins, Production & Marketing Associate
Reshena Liao, Creative Producer
Nikolás Ixyar McConnie-Saad, Artistic Administrator

Ellen Reid Music(ASCAP)

All music ©2020-2023 Ellen Reid except music in Kronos’ 50 for the Future Forest by composers commissioned by 50 for the Future: The Kronos Learning Repertoire

So Much On My Soul was commissioned by Young People's Chorus of New York City, Francisco J. Núñez, Founder/Artistic Director, as part of Vocal Resolutions: Shaping Perceptions through Music

Special thanks to Sumiko Ito, Naoko Ashida, Miki Omukai, Gao Shenjian, Janet Cowperthwaite, Sarah Donahue, and Reshena Liao.

Ellen Reid SOUNDWALK was co-commissioned by the New York Philharmonic, Saratoga Performing Arts Center, Wolf Trap Foundation for the Performing Arts, the Mann Center for the Performing Arts in association with Fairmount Park Conservancy, and the Britt Festival Orchestra.

Kronos Performing Arts Association’s 50 for the Future: The Kronos Learning Repertoire - an education and legacy project that has commissioned and distributed for free the first learning library of contemporary repertoire for string quartet - was made possible by a group of adventurous partners and funders, including Carnegie Hall and many others. A complete listing of funders may be found here:

Ellen Reid SOUNDWALK is made possible in part by the support of Mindscapes, Wellcome’s international cultural program about mental health.

All information is written in here.

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