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You need to sign up for an account (for free) before you enjoy the Spring Festival in Tokyo LIVE Streaming.

5 Steps to watch LIVE Streaming

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① Prepare a device for making reservation and watching
Please check if your device and environment are suitable for live-streaming in advance.
You can check your playback environment with a sample video here.


② Access to the LIVE Streaming website.

Buy Streaming Ticket


③ Register an account
To purchase distribution tickets, you need to register an account.
This is separate from Spring Festival in Tokyo Online Ticket Service (ID and password for purchasing tickets for visitors).
There is no registration fee.
If you have already registered for an account, please move to the next step.


④ Make reservation
There is no limit to the number of viewers.
You can make reservation just before the concert starts.


⑤ Access the LIVE Streaming website on the concert day
Select the concert you reserved and click the play button displayed on the photo to start streaming.
※The streaming is available 30 minutes before the concert starts.


▶︎Available Viewing Period

Only live-streaming is available. There is no archive streaming. When you start watching in the middle of the concert, it will be streamed from the point that you start and cannot be played with turning back.

▶System Requirements

Windows 10 ・・・・・・・・・・・Google Chrome/Mozilla Firefox/Microsoft Edge (latest ver.)
Mac OSX Catalina(10.15 or later)・・・・・・Google Chrome/Mozilla Firefox/Safari 各(latest ver.)
Android (Android 9 or later)・・・・・・・・Google Chrome (latest ver.)
Apple(iOS 15 or later、iPadOS 15 or later) ・・・Safari (latest ver.)
*Internet Explorer is not supported.
*This site may not be displayed correctly even in the recommended environment, depending on the settings of your web browser.
*This website may take time to display or may not operate properly due to communication conditions, communication capacity, or PC specifications.


Spring Festival in Tokyo LIVE Streaming Help Center
Please send message from help tab on my page.
【Opening hours】Mon. Wed. Fri.(12:00~19:00)
※Open every day during the Festival(12:00~21:00)

Last update:2024/01/31

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