Spring Festival in Tokyo2021

Italian Opera Academy in Tokyo vol.2

东京 意大利歌剧学院 vol.2

Riccardo Muti Introduces the Young Musicians Selected for the Italian Opera Academy in Tokyo - Selection of Pieces from “Macbeth”(Excerpts/Concert Style/With Subtitles)

里卡多·穆蒂(Riccardo Muti)指挥《麦克白斯》 (抜粋/演奏会形式/字幕)

Date / Place
April 20 [Tue.] at 19:00
Muza Kawasaki Symphony Hall
Date / Place
April 20 [Tue.] at 19:00

Conductor:Chiya Amos, Samuel Seungwon Lee , Johannes Löhner/etc.

Macbeth(Baritone):Takashi Aoyama

Banco(Bass-baritone):Hirotaka Kato

Lady Macbeth(Soprano):Megumi Tanihara

Macduff(Tenor):Yoshimichi Serizawa

Malcolm(Tenor):Hironori Jo

Dama di Lady Macbeth(Soprano):Rumi Kitahara

Orchestra:Tokyo-HARUSAI Festival Orchestra

Chorus:Italian Opera Academy Chorus

Chorus Master:Antonio Greco


Verdi(1813-1901):”Macbeth”(Excerpts/Concert Style/With Subtitles)

※A Certificate Ceremony for conductors will take place following the concert.

※Riccardo Muti will be on the stage only for the Ceremony.


【Important notice】Postponement of ticket sales for “Spring Festival in Tokyo 2021”

In accordance to Japanese Government's announcement of the state of emergency, we will postpone the sale of all tickets for the "Spring Festival in Tokyo 2021" which was scheduled to be sold from January 11th 2021.

The new ticket release schedule will be announced on our website and SNS in February.

Thank you for your understanding.

January 7, 2021

S A B U-25 Viewing Fee
¥6,500 ¥4,500 ¥3,500 ¥1,500 ¥1,500

※Live Streaming is available only in Japan.

Admission ticket
Release Date

January 17,2021 at 10:00
February 25,2021 at 12:00



Live streaming (Viewing fee)
Release Date

February 10,2021 at 12:00




Organizer:Spring Festival in Tokyo Executive committee
Support:Embassy of Italy in Japan , Verdi Society of Japan

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