Riccardo Muti Italian Opera Academy in Tokyo

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Academy for young artists

Young musicians will work together toward the concert of "Macbeth".
Maestro Muti will impart the spirit of Italian Opera to them with sharpness and humor.

Reservation for listener(student)

vol.2 “Macbeth” Outline

Tokyo Bunka Kaikan, Tokyo Collage of Music, Muza Kawasaki Symphony Hall
Giuseppe Verdi:”Macbeth”
Teacher:Riccardo Muti
Academy Conductor:Chiya Amos, Johannes Löhner,Tatsuma Takahashi, Hiroe Yukawa
Macbeth(Baritone):Takashi Aoyama
Banco(Bass-Baritone):Hirotaka Kato
Lady Macbeth(Soprano):Megumi Tanihara
Macduff(Tenor):Yoshimichi Serizawa
Malcolm(Tenor):Hironori Jo
Dama di Lady Macbeth(Soprano):Rumi Kitahara
Orchestra:Tokyo-HARUSAI Festival Orchestra
※It consists of young active players in Japan.
Chorus:Italian Opera Academy Chorus
  • (c)Satoshi Aoyagi

  • (c)Satoshi Aoyagi

■Schedule & Venue


※Consecutive interpretation to Japanese in all rehearsals.
※For listner(student) : The concert on April 20th “Riccardo Muti Introduces the Young Musicians Selected for the Italian Opera Academy in Tokyo” is INCLUDED in the participation fee.
※For listner(student) : The concerts by Riccardo Muti on April 19th and 21th are NOT INCLUDED in the participation fee, but reduced tickets are available.

Academy Schedule

Riccardo MutiItalian Opera Academy in Tokyo

Verdi “Rigoletto” 2019.3.28(Thu) - 4.4(Thu)
Verdi “Macbeth” 2020.3.6.(Fri) - 3.15(Sun)*Postponed.
Verdi “Macbeth” 2021.4.9.(Fri) - 4.21(Wed)
Verdi “Un ballo in Maschera”(TBC)

“Italian Opera Academy” was launched in Ravenna (Italy), in 2015. During the Academy, Maestro Muti aims at passing on to the young artists from all over the world what he, himself, learnt from his teachers in a lineage that in history finds him connected to Giuseppe Verdi through Arturo Toscanini and through his own teacher Antonino Votto.

Maestro Muti considers it is his important mission to transmit to new generations what he learnt from his teachers ― Italian Opera’s beauty and deepness with method that is now vanishing, thus, representing a strong liaison between history and impulse towards the future. Appreciating his beliefs, we have “Italian Opera Academy in Tokyo” project with him for 3 years since 2019.

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Organizer:Spring Festival in Tokyo Executive Committee

Support:Embassy of Italy in Japan, Verdi Society of Japan

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