Riccardo Muti Italian Opera Academy in Tokyo



Academy for young artists

Young musicians will work together toward the concert of "Macbeth".
Maestro Muti will impart the spirit of Italian Opera to them with sharpness and humor.

Riccardo MutiItalian Opera Academy in Tokyo

Verdi “Rigoletto” 2019.3.28(Thu) - 4.4(Thu)
Verdi “Macbeth” 2020.3.6.(Fri) - 3.15(Sun)*Postponed.
Verdi “Macbeth” 2021.4.9.(Fri) - 4.21(Wed)
Verdi “Un ballo in Maschera”(TBC)
※Italian Opera Academy in Tokyo will not take place in 2022 as we have concluded it is difficult to secure sufficient days for it.
We are having a discussion toward 2023.

“Italian Opera Academy” was launched in Ravenna (Italy), in 2015. During the Academy, Maestro Muti aims at passing on to the young artists from all over the world what he, himself, learnt from his teachers in a lineage that in history finds him connected to Giuseppe Verdi through Arturo Toscanini and through his own teacher Antonino Votto.

Maestro Muti considers it is his important mission to transmit to new generations what he learnt from his teachers ― Italian Opera’s beauty and deepness with method that is now vanishing, thus, representing a strong liaison between history and impulse towards the future. Appreciating his beliefs, we have “Italian Opera Academy in Tokyo” project with him for 3 years since 2019.

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Organizer:Spring Festival in Tokyo Executive Committee

Support:Embassy of Italy in Japan, Verdi Society of Japan

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