Spring Festival in Tokyo

Tokyo-HARUSAI for Kids

东京春祭 for Kids

Richard Wagner for Kids "Tristan und Isolde"


A Production in Cooperation with the Bayreuth Festival





March 23 [Sat.], 2024 at 14:00(Door Open at 13:30)
March 24 [Sun.], 2024 at 14:00(Door Open at 13:30)
March 28 [Thu.], 2024 at 19:00(Door Open at 18:30)
March 30 [Sat.], 2024 at 14:00(Door Open at 13:30)
March 31 [Sun.], 2024 at 14:00(Door Open at 13:30)
[Each concert is about 70min.]
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Head Office (East Tower) Rising Square 1F, Earth Garden



Conductor:Hiroshi Ishizaka
Tristan(Tenor):Tatsundo Ito
König Marke(Bass):Koji Yamashita
Isolde(Soprano):Naomi Tasaki
Kurwenal(Baritone):Takashi Aoyama
Melot(Tenor):Aigaku Kishinami
Brangäne(Mezzo-soprano):Mika Kaneko
Supporting Performance: Atsushi Terauchi
Orchestra:Tokyo-HARUSAI Festival Orchestra



Version:Katharina Wagner, Markus Latsch, Dennis Krauß
Musical Arrangement:Marko Zdralek
Stage Director:Dennis Krauß
Stage Director of the revival:Katharina Wagner
Stage Design:Johanna Meyer(Original Stage Design 2021 / Bayreuth)
Stage Design Realization:Spring Festival in Tokyo
Lighting Design:Peter Younes (Original Lighting Design : Peter Younes〈2021 / Bayreuth〉)
Costume Design:Costume competition in cooperation with the Fair Play Foundation at German elementary schools
Costume Realization:Ina Kromphardt
Original Make-up:Studiengang Maskenbild -Theater und Film, Theaterakademie August Everding, München〈2021 / Bayreuth〉
Make-up:Spring Festival in Tokyo
Assistant Director of the revival:Hendrik Arns
Artistic Administration:Katharina Wagner



Wagner:”Tristan und Isolde”(Excerpts)
*The dialogue part is in Japanese, and the singing part is in German.


All non-reserved seat(Family Ticket)

Child Guardian Live Streaming
¥3,000 ¥4,000 ¥1,200
Admission ticket
Release Schedule

January 21 [Sun.], 2024 at 10:00
※This concert is easy to understand and enjoyable for elementary school students.
※The admission charge for kids is applicable until 18 years-old.
※Preschool-aged children are not be admitted to entry.
※Up to 2 tickets for adults are buyable with each ticket for child.
※Tickets for those who would like to attend with only adult will be on sale at ¥7,000 on March 13 [Wed.] at 10:00 if there are remaining available tickets.


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Streaming ticket
Release Schedule

February 23 [Fri.], 2024 at 12:00
※Concerts on March 23th and March 28th will be streamed.

Only Live-Streaming is available. You can enjoy the concert through your devices (e.g. computer). There is no archive streaming.

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Song Commentary

Organizer:Spring Festival in Tokyo Executive Committee
Support:Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Japan, Richard-Wagner-Gesellschaft Japan

Program order may be subject to change.
Preschool-aged children are not admitted to entry.
Please contact in advance if you use a wheelchair.
The plan and the way of implementation are subject to change, or the concerts are subject to be canceled.
 Please check the latest information on our official website and SNS.
 Any changes or cancellations of tickets would not be acceptable even if programs and artists changed.
Any changes or cancellations of tickets for the reason of the purchaser after payment would not be accepted.
Any request for a ticket refund would not be accepted except in case of the cancellation of the concert itself.
Ticket prices are inclusive of tax.
Any resales with a profit objective are strictly prohibited.
 We don’t take responsibility for any trouble caused by illegal resales.


Last update : 2024/03/30

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