Notice of Live Streaming Access Tickets sales for “Spring Festival in Tokyo LIVE Streaming 2021” starting from March 7 (Sun)

Live Streaming Access Tickets' sales for “Spring Festival in Tokyo LIVE Streaming 2021” will start gradually from March 7 (Sun). As a first step, tickets for the 11 performances listed below will be on sale from March 7 (Sun.), 2021, at noon. Please enjoy the Festival’s first time ever live streaming of all “Spring Festival in Tokyo 2021” programs of approximately 65 performances (excluding Academy Courses/fees apply) at anytime, anywhere.
We are looking forward to welcoming everyone from all over the world.

*Please refer to the “Spring Festival in Tokyo LIVE Streaming 2021” site for additional live streaming performances.
Prior to the Festival’s opening, on March 7 (Sun.), 2021, between 20:00-21:00,
viewers will be able to sample various functions available with “Spring Festival in Tokyo Live Streaming 2021” using personal devices at a sample streaming (live).
Please refer here for the details.
List of concerts to be sold starting at noon of March 7 (Sun.), 2021

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