Spring Festival in Tokyo

Kiyoshi Shomura(Guitar)&Daichi Fujiki (Countertenor)

Kiyoshi Shomura(Guitar)&Daichi Fujiki (Countertenor)

Sing Japanese Songs

Sing Japanese Songs

*The venue has been changed from the initial announcement.



Date / Place
Date / Place

Countertenor:Daichi Fujiki

Guitar:Kiyoshi Shomura


Sangatsu no Uta:Shuntaro Tanikawa(1931-)・Lyrics/Toru Takemitsu(1930-96)・Music・Music
Sakura Sakura
Soushunfu:Kazumasa Yoshimaru(1873-1916)・Lyrics/Akira Nakada(1886-1931)・Music
Oborozukiyo:Tatsuyuki Takano(1876-1947)・Lyrics/Teiichi Okano(1878-1941)・Music
Utaudake:Shuntaro Tanikawa・Lyrics/Toru Takemitsu・Music
Kandagawa:Makoto Kitajo(1947-)・Lyrics/Kosetsu Minami(1949-)・Music
Nagoriyuki:Shozo Ise(1951-)・Lyrics & Music
Kinou no Shimi:Shuntaro Tanikawa・Lyrics/Toru Takemitsu・Music
Sake to Namida to Otoko to Onna:Eigo Kawashima(1952-2001)・Lyrics & Music
Sotsugyo Shashin:Yumi Arai(1954-)・Lyrics & Music
Tsubasa wo Kudasai: Kunihiko Murai(1945-)・Lyrics/Michio Yamagami(1936-)・Music
Tokiniwa Mukashi no Hanashi wo:Tokiko Kato(1943-)・Lyrics & Music
Meguriai:Ichiro Araki(1944-)・Lyrics/Toru Takemitsu・Music
Olivia wo Kikinagara:Ami Ozaki(1957-)・Lyrics & Music
Ano Subarashii Ai wo Moichido:Osamu Kitayama(1946-)・Lyrics/Kazuhiko Kato(1947-2009)・Music
Kosumosu:Masashi Sada(1952-)・Lyrics & Music
Potsunen:Shuntaro Tanikawa・Lyrics/Toru Takemitsu・Music
MI・YO・TA:Shuntaro Tanikawa・Lyrics/Toru Takemitsu・Music
Jidai:Miyuki Nakajima(1952-)・Lyrics & Music
Hana:Hagoromo Takeshima(1872-1967)・Lyrics/Rentaro Taki(1879-1903)・Music

[ Encore ]

Ruriiro no Chikyu:Takashi Matsumoto(1949-)・Lyrics/Natsumi Hirai(1950-)・Music
Midgetegoran Yoru no Hoshi wo:Rokusuke Ei(1933-2016)・Lyrics/Taku Izumi(1930-1992)・Music

S A U-25 Live streaming
¥5,000 ¥3,500 ¥1,500 ¥1,500

*The ticket price has been changed due to the change of venue.

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February 23,2021 at 10:00< 0
March 11,2021 at 10:00

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March 7,2021 at 12:00

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Only Live-Streaming is available. You can enjoy the concert through your devices (e.g. computer). There is no archive streaming.




Song Commentary

Organizer:Spring Festival in Tokyo Executive Committee
Special Co-operation:Ishibashi Memorial Hall Ueno Gakuen

  • * The plan and the way of implementation are subject to change or the concerts are subject to be canceled due to the affection of the coronavirus. Please check the latest information on our official website and SNS.
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