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The Ninth Wave - Ode to Nature


"Beethoven" Hearing with Eyes, Seeing with Ears

耳闻目睹 『贝多芬』



Date / Place
March 14 [Sat.] at 14:00
March 14 [Sat.] at 18:00
[about 80 min.]
Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Recital Hall
Date / Place
March 14 [Sat.] at 14:00
March 14 [Sat.] at 18:00
[about 80 min.]
东京文化会馆 小音乐厅

Author/Director:Stefan Winter

Composer:Fumio Yasuda


Piano for four Hands:Ferhan & Ferzan Önder

Improvised Piano:Fumio Yasuda

Clarinet:Joachim Badenhorst

Bass Clarinet:Gareth Davis

Viola:Tetsuya Hayashi, Mari Adachi

Art of Noise and Sound:Aki Tsujita, Ichiro Hosoya


Producer:Mariko Takahashi(Neue Klangkunst gGmbH)


*The cast has been changed from originally announced.


The Ninth Wave – Ode To Nature, written and directed by Stefan Winter, is aspectacular sound, music and film symphony about the war of man against nature, man against man and the tragedy of humans in the incredible beauty of nature.
Nine movements lead into the Infinite Blue, the colour of the sky and the water, the Deep Green, the colour of life and hope and the Zone Red, the colour of danger and war.
Breathtaking images appear on sculptures that come alive and embody creation, finiteness, beauty, hopelessness, search, escape, powerlessness, hate and desolation.
The dancer Aki Tsujita awakes as a fascinating allegory to key works after Beethoven, re-composed by Fumio Yasuda for a first-class ensemble especially formed for this work.
Noises awaken and tell stories from memories.
Nine waves grow in triple rhythms, each more powerful than the last, the Ninth, which comes from the deep, rises slowly, grows to the highest dimension, roars and lets the whole world sink into the red sun.
After that, everything starts all over again and a new world will be born.



The Ninth Wave
Ode to Nature
Sound Art after Ludwig van Beethoven
[PART I] Infinite Blue
 1. Water and Air (after Meeresstille und glückliche Fahrt [Calm Sea and Prosperous Voyage] op.112)
 2. Afterlife (after Sonata for Piano No.30 op.109)
 3. Seafoam(after String Quartet No.14 op.131 and Great Fugue op.133)
[PART II] Deep Green
 1. Forest (after “Fidelio” – Prisoners’ Choir)
 2. Wandering (after Symphony No.5 op.67 – 2nd. movement)
 3. Under the Waterfall (after Missa Solemnis op.123 – Benedictus)
[PART III] Zone Red
 1. At the Bank of the River Styx (after Symphony No.7 op.92 – 2nd.movement)
 2. Red Rain (after “Fidelio” – Prisoners’ Choir)
 3. The Great Wave (after Symphony No.9 op.125 – 4th. movement ‘Ode to Joy’)

The Ninth Wave

Neue Klangkunst gGmbH is supported by Kagel-Burghardt Foundation and VAH, Verein Ausstellungshaus fur christliche Kunst e. V. Munchen.


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