Spring Festival in Tokyo2021


Tokyo-HARUSAI Puccini Series vol.2

东京・春・音乐节 普契尼系列 vol.2

"La Bohème" (Concert Style/With Subtitles)


Date / Place
April 15 [Thu.] at 18:30
April 18 [Sun.] at 15:00
Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Main Hall
Date / Place
April 15 [Thu.] at 18:30
April 18 [Sun.] at 15:00
东京文化会馆 大音乐厅

Conductor:Francesco Ivan Ciampa
Mimi(Soprano):Adriana Gonzalez
Rodolfo(Tenor):Joshua Guerrero
Marcello(Baritone):Marco Caria
Musetta(Soprano):Micaela Marcu
Schaunard(Baritone):Liviu Holender
Colline(Bass):Alin Anca
Benoit(Bass-Baritone):Hajime Aizazwa
Alcindoro (Bass-Baritone):Hajime Aizawa
Parpignol(Tenor):Hirotaka Tomita
Orchestra:Yomiuri Nippon Symphony Orchestra
Chorus:Tokyo Opera Singers
Chorus Master:Shigeki Miyamatsu


Puccini(1858-1924):”La Bohème”

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Organizer:Spring Festival in Tokyo Executive committee
Support:Embassy of Italy in Japan

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