Spring Festival in Tokyo

Museum Concert


Kei Shirai(Violin)& Ken-ichiro Yasuda(Cello)

白井 圭(小提琴)&安田謙一郎(大提琴)

Date / Place
Date / Place
April 16 [Tue.], 2024 at 19:00(Door Open at 18:30)

国立科学博物馆 地球馆B2层常设展览室

Violin:Kei Shirai
Cello:Ken-ichiro Yasuda



All non-reserved seat
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Release Schedule

January 21 [Sun.], 2024 at 10:00


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Organizer:Spring Festival in Tokyo Executive Committee
Co-presenter:National Museum of Nature and Science

Preschool-aged children are not admitted to entry.

Please contact in advance if you use a wheelchair.

The plan and the way of implementation are subject to change, or the concerts are subject to be canceled.
Please check the latest information on our official website and SNS.
Any changes or cancellations of tickets would not be acceptable even if programs and artists changed.

Any changes or cancellations of tickets for the reason of the purchaser after payment would not be accepted.

Any request for a ticket refund would not be accepted except in case of the cancellation of the concert itself.
Illness or any reason related to coronavirus is excluded from the refund request.

Ticket prices are inclusive of tax.

Any resales with a profit objective are strictly prohibited.
We don’t take responsibility for any trouble caused by illegal resales.


Last update : 2023/10/30

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