Details of the Museum Concerts Revealed!

Five groups will be performing “J.S.Bach at TNM,” the popular series since 2009, at the Tokyo National Museum. “Art and Music” will be held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum where five groups of performers will be playing music paired with an art piece of each’s choice. Due to its temporary closure, concerts scheduled to be held at the National Museum of Western Art will now be held at Tokyo Bunka Kaikan’s Recital Hall. Music befitting of works by Jean-Fracois Millet and Maurice Denis from the Matsukata Collection at the Museum, will be performed along with a lecture by the National Museum of Western Art’s Curator. Two concerts are scheduled at The Ueno Royal Museum, in collaboration with the “VOCA Exhibition,” a gateway to success for young modern art creators.
Museum Concerts' Admission Tickets and Live Streaming Access Tickets will be on sale from March 11 (Thu.), 2021.

Tokyo National Museum

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