Spring Festival in Tokyo2023

Spring Festival in Tokyo × Mobilemuseum

Ole! Ola! Lalala!!! – Yoichiro Kawaguchi’s Computer Graphics Music

The Anthropocene Deep-Sea Orchestra Some Five Hundred Million Years Away

Date / Place
March 2 (Mon) – April 19 (Sun)
Ueno Park (Tokyo Bunka Kaikan North Side)
*Free to see


In the ancient times some five hundred million years ago, at the bottom of the sea during the Cambrian, jellyfish and sea anemones let themselves float gracefully amid the current. The origin of sound can be found in the rhythmical repetition of such movements: such is computer graphics artist Yoichiro Kawaguchi’s unique insight. Kawaguchi’s theory of cosmic evolution transcends the framework of human time-space and focuses on the cosmos in the distant future, some five hundred million years away. The vision is utterly extraordinary. The living organisms reunited here are outrageous in their appearance. However, they are not the product of some reverie. For they are the most extreme form attained by living creatures having continually adapted to varying habitats, as obtained through mathematical calculations. The living creatures in five hundred million years as predicted by algorithms: as strange as it may seem, the helixes and coils, the rhythmical patterns, the overfloating colors, the proliferation of energy produced by these images seems to be the very essence of music in the Anthropocene.

Yoshiaki Nishino

Director, Intermediatheque The University Museum, the university of Tokyo (UMUT)

Intermediatheque, The University Museum, the university of Tokyo, Spring Festival in Tokyo Executive Committee

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