Live streaming site “Spring Festival in Tokyo LIVE Streaming 2023” starts today!

Spring Festival in Tokyo 2023 live streaming site, "Spring Festival in Tokyo LIVE Streaming 2023" starts today.

In cooperation with Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ), we utilize a newly developed concert distribution system incorporating the latest video viewing technology, and continuous effort from 2022, you can watch almost all the programs, 66 performances from "Spring Festival in Tokyo 2023" by live streaming this year. [as of today ※excluding free performances/※Paid distribution].

In 2023, we will be broadcasting live in high-quality sound using high-definition video up to 4K (partly 2K) and an audio bit rate of 256 Kbps. In addition, we will distribute a fixed-point video with a single camera and adopted a new method (free viewpoint video system) that would allow the viewer to zoom in and out of the video by tapping the screen. So we made it possible to significantly reduce the delivery ticket price, making it easier to enjoy streaming. In addition, some opera and lieder concerts will provide subtitle functions. With beautiful images and clear sound quality, you can enjoy the authenticity of musicians from our live streaming.

In addition, we released the "Tokyo HARUSAI" app, a distribution-only app for smartphones and tablets at the same time. Now you can easily purchase delivery tickets via in-app purchase. Please use the app and enjoy live streaming of Spring Festival in Tokyo.

Click here for a sample video to try out the actual operation

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Distribution site

"Spring Festival in Tokyo LIVE Streaming 2023"

What's delivered

Almost all programs from the Spring Festival in Tokyo 2023 will be available - 66 performances [as of today ※excluding free performances/ ※Paid distribution]
※Some of the concerts will be only accessible within Japan. For details of each concert to be streamed, please see the program list.

How to watch

Watch with the latest versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla, Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge, on your PC, smart phone or tablet.
Internet Explorer is not compatible.
For details on how to watch and the viewing environment, please refer to the following usage guide.

App overview

" Tokyo HARUSAI " App.

※If you have already installed the application, please update it to the latest version at the Google Play or the App Store before use.


With this application, you can easily purchase live streaming tickets by charging your iTunes / Google Play account.
Please register your account by accessing the "Spring Festival in Tokyo LIVE Streaming" site from your PC or smartphone browser.
Click here for how to use the app

Operating environment

iPhone and iPad apps: iOS 15.0 or later/ iPadOS 15.0 or later
Android app: Android 9 or later


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