Live Streaming Site “Spring Festival in Tokyo LIVE Streaming 2021” Goes Live!

The Spring Festival in Tokyo Executive Committee today launched the streaming site “Spring Festival in Tokyo LIVE Streaming 2021,” for the largest classical music festival in Japan, “Spring Festival in Tokyo 2021” [to be held March 19 – April 23, 2021, at various locations inside Ueno Park (Tokyo Bunka Kaikan, Art and other Museums, etc.)]
The streaming site, with support from Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ), takes advantage of a concert streaming system newly developed by IIJ using its latest video streaming technology. Audiences will be able to enjoy the Festival’s first time ever live streaming of all “Spring Festival in Tokyo 2021” programs of approximately 65 performances (excluding Academy Courses/fees apply).

With selected streamed performances, filming from multiple cameras at different angles will provide audiences access to a multi-angle viewing function. 4K high resolution and high-quality sound, as well as a subtitling function will also be provided.
Unique to live streaming, viewers will be able to experience and feel the musicians’ live energy delivered from the venues.

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Spring Festival in Tokyo LIVE Streaming 2021

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