Spring Festival in Tokyo2020

Tokyo-HARUSAI Marathon Concert vol.10

Beethoven and Vienna

Celebrating the 250th Anniversary of Beethoven's Birth

Date / Place

March 29 [Sun.] at 11:00 March 29 [Sun.] at 13:00 March 29 [Sun.] at 15:00 March 29 [Sun.] at 17:00 March 29 [Sun.] at 19:00 [about 60 min.]

Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Recital Hall  

Program Planner/Navigator:Masayasu Komiya(Cultural historian of Europe / Professor at Institute of Urban Innovation, Yokohama)


Part I

Beethoven(1770-1827)( Czerny):  Overture “Leonore” No.1 op.138

Beethoven: Mass in C major op.86 – “Agnus Dei” /etc.  

Part II

Beethoven:  ”Fidelio” Overture String Quartet No.9 in C major op.59-3 “Rasumowsky No.3” – 3rd. mov. & 4th. mov. /etc.  

Part III

Beethoven:  Overture “Coriolan” op.62 (Piano with 4 Hands Version)

Beethoven(arr. by Hummel): Symphony No.5 in C minor op.67 – 3rd. mov. & 4th. mov. /etc.  

Part IV

Hummel, Mozart, Gyrowetz, Weigl, Kanne, Beethoven:Die gute Nachricht /etc.  

Part V

Beethoven(arr. by Czerny):  ”Die Weihe des Hauses” op.124 Overture  Symphony No.9 in D minor op.125 “Choral” – 4th. mov. (Piano with 4 Hands Version) /etc.

Ticket Price
All reserved-seat
1-day ticket Part Ⅰ Part Ⅱ Part Ⅲ Part Ⅳ Part Ⅴ
¥9,000 ¥2,500
All reserved-seat
1-day ticket ¥9,000
Part Ⅰ ¥2,500
Part Ⅱ
Part Ⅲ
Part Ⅳ
Part Ⅴ
Release Date
Onsale to General Public

January 26 at 10:00


Organizer:Spring Festival in Tokyo Executive Committee
Support:Archiv, Bibliothek und Sammlungen der Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde in Wien
Certified:Beethoven Jubiläums GmbH

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